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Due to technological progress and high competitiveness in the modern world, more and more engineers and machine designers are demanding that component suppliers facilitate their tasks in a quick and reliable way.

For more than two decades, Ciclo has been developing high-level engineering solutions in the form of multilanguage application software intended for manufacturers of products that require sizing and technical selection.

Widely recognized as real productivity design tools, our innovative software solutions are assisting companies in winning new customers and are becoming powerful drivers of brand loyalty.


In order to provide a quick and effective solution to manufacturers of machinery and industrial components, our company has pre-structured software templates:

  1. Professional Quality Level

    You get a tailor-made engineering software that is fully compatible with the high quality of your products.

  2. Highest Technical Reliability

    Your software is developed by experienced engineers who deeply know the products you manufacture.

  3. Embedded Knowledge Base

    Your software comes with the theoretical foundations and the engineering best practices that support the procedures for sizing and selection of your products.

  4. High Operational Stability

    Your software is built on a modular framework which has been extensively tested and optimized. It's the same one that we use in our products. Check now!

  5. Excellent Usability

    Even with internal procedures of high technical complexity, our expertise allows us to create user-friendly applications. Your software will be easy to understand and use.

Purchasing Process

Based on pre-structured software templates, Ciclo creates a unique and customized version for each client.

  1. Data Gathering

    You provide technical information about your products, such as:

    • Paper Catalogs
    • Technical Drawings
    • Constructive Data Tables
    • Operational Data Tables
    • Model or Prototype Test Results
    You get:
    • NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement
  2. Software Planning

    Ciclo thoroughly analyzes the data received, plans and elaborates a detailed design for your software. All the resources, tools, reports and database are rebuilt and adapted to the constructive and operational characteristics of your products. You can request changes, additions, or deletions to any item in the design.

    You get:
    • Custom Software Design
  3. Software Developing

    Once the design has been approved by you, Ciclo starts the process of creating your application software. You follow the process step by step and receive alpha and beta versions for review and feedback.

    You get:
    • Private Client Page
    • Progress Reports
    • Evaluation Versions
  4. Testing

    At each stage of development, your software is subjected to a series of tests to ensure accuracy, reliability, performance and stability.

    You get:
    • Test Reports
  5. Software Deployment

    At the end of the process, you have engineering software tailor made for your company's products. The rights to use, reproduce and distribute the software become yours. Employees, sales representatives and customers can use your software for free.

    You get:
    • Custom Software
    • Installation Software
    • End User Licenses
    • Free Distribution Rights
    • Permanent Client Page
  6. Maintenance

    Ciclo assistance services will always be available to meet your needs. No matter the time or situation, you can always count on our dedicated team to provide you with the support you need, ensuring that you are never alone on your journey.

    You get:
    • Training
    • Technical Support
    • Software Update   –   Modification of data and user interfaces
    • Software Upgrade   –   Expansion of databases and functionalities
  7. Return on Investment

    Software solutions from Ciclo provide excellent value for money. As a result of testimonials from our clients over the years, we can ensure that the return on your investment will be realized in a short period of time.

    You get:
    • Significant increase in sales
    • Acquisition of new customers
    • Increased competitiveness of your products
    • Enhanced productivity of your technical staff
    • Reduced operating costs of sales and after-sales
    • Greater customer satisfaction and consequent loyalty to your brand

Available Templates

Industrial Fan Software

Industrial Fan Software

Designed to meet the needs of the air moving industry, including HVAC, our industrial fan software is a dynamic tool that accurately performs sizing of centrifugal fans and blowers, and axial fans.

For the sizing of fans, the programming logic is developed according to engineering concepts homologated by international standards and institutions.

Centrifugal Pump Software

Centrifugal Pump Software

Our centrifugal pump software is a dynamic tool that accurately performs hydraulic selection and sizing of rotodynamic pumps. It is equally effective for special design pumps and standard pumps.

With a rich database of liquids which can be extended by user, the software allows a huge amount of combinations of operating conditions, such as Flow Rate, Head, Temperature, Density, Viscosity, Vapor Pressure, etc.

Control Valve Software

Control Valve Software

Supported by an exclusive algorithmic tool for engineering analysis, our control valve software performs sizing and selection of any type of linear or rotary valve used in pipelines, which is controlled by electric, hydraulic or pneumatic actuators and positioners.

For the selection of control valves, the programming logic is developed according to classic concepts of engineering and fluid mechanics combined with manufacturer's specific standards, and the data source is constituted by technical specifications of each valve model and size.

Gearmotor & Speed Reducer Software

Gearmotor & Speed Reducer Software

Our speed reducer software performs selection of any type of industrial gearbox or gearmotor, according to the technical requirements of the application.

The software analyses characteristics of the driver and the driven machine by considering their operating conditions, such as their speeds, transmission power, output torque, type of load, hours of operating, frequency of starting, reversibility, ambient temperature, and overhung load on the output shaft.

Coupling Software

Coupling Software

In a fast, accurate and user-friendly way, our coupling software performs the selection of rigid and flexible couplings that connect shafts of machinery.

The programming logic is developed according to the fundamentals of mechanical transmissions, combined with specific rules of the manufacturers, and with a database containing the technical specifications of each coupling size and type.








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