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Ciclo has a set of licensable engineering software.

Our products are development and productivity tools intended for design, manufacturing and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

They perform selection, analysis and drawing of standard mechanical components, that is, machine elements whose technical specifications, such as physical properties and dimensions, are established by engineering standards.


A summary of the main features that our software products have to offer:

  1. Reliability

    Create reliable designs of mechanical drive systems in few minutes.

  2. Flexibility

    Find the best design solution by using an interactive graphic simulator.

  3. Accuracy

    Select, draw, calculate and analyze all drive components with a single click.

  4. Efficiency

    Save your time and ensure the result of complex engineering calculations.

  5. Productivity

    Generate a full set of CAD drawings and technical reports automatically.


A summary of the main benefits that our software products will provide you with:

  1. Capability

    You will be fully enabled to create new designs as well as to improve existing designs of mechanical drive systems in a user-friendly environment.

  2. Expertise

    Your designs will be developed with high-end engineering techniques supported by internationally recognized methods and procedures.

  3. Control and Visibility

    You will have absolute control and visibility over the sizing process of each mechanical component of your drive system.

  4. Freedom and Autonomy

    You will not be held hostage to any particular brand or part manufacturer, choosing the most suitable supplier for each design.

  5. Economy

    You will have the best software in its class at a significantly reduced cost.

List of Products

Ciclo VBelt

Ciclo VBelt 3.0

Ciclo VBelt is an advanced engineering tool that allows you create V-belt drive designs in a quick, accurate and reliable manner.

Developed according to technical specifications of the major standards organizations, Ciclo VBelt provides complete solutions and detailed reports for all design requirements.

With a wide range of construction options, Ciclo VBelt generates drive designs that are perfectly compatible with the products of practically every V-belt and sheave manufacturer.

Ciclo SynchroBelt

Ciclo SynchroBelt 3.0

Ciclo SynchroBelt is a innovative and reliable computer program that allows you create high performance drive designs by using timing belts and pulleys:

  • Trapezoidal toothed synchronous belts
  • Curvilinear toothed synchronous belts

Based on both metric and imperial measurement system, Ciclo SynchroBelt brings the latest engineering knowledge to generate design solutions intended for power transmission and precision synchronization applications.

Ciclo DriveChain

Ciclo DriveChain 3.0

Ciclo DriveChain is a powerful and efficient software application that allows you create designs of drive systems for machines that operate under light to extremely heavy duty conditions by using roller drive chains and sprockets.

Rebuilt with a more flexible interface, this new version of Ciclo DriveChain includes a set of easy-to-use tools that enable a high level of interactivity, which immediately provides complete solutions for all your requirements and engineering specifications.








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