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Centrifugal Pump Software

The centrifugal pumps market is one of the most competitive in the fluid handling industry, with a large number of manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

To secure a prominent position and increase the competitiveness of their products, leading companies are providing computer programs that ensure the correct application of these products.

Unfortunately, in pumping systems it is not unusual to find that inaccurate sizing ends up compromising the credibility of high quality products.

Boost your competitiveness with our Centrifugal Pump Software

Accurately and effectively ensure the sizing and selection of your centrifugal pumps through this powerful software solution. The mastery of the technique revealed in a user-friendly manner.

Pump Types

Pump Types

Our centrifugal pump software is a dynamic tool that accurately performs hydraulic selection and sizing of rotodynamic pumps. It is equally effective for special design pumps and standard pumps according to:


  • ANSI - American National Standards Institute
  • API - American Petroleum Institute
  • ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • DIN - Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V.
  • ISO - International Organization for Standardization

Pump Standards

Sizing of the Pump

With a rich database of liquids which can be extended by user, the software allows a huge amount of combinations of operating conditions, such as Flow Rate, Head, Temperature, Density, Viscosity, Vapor Pressure, etc.

For the selection of centrifugal pumps, the programming logic is developed according to classical concepts of engineering and fluid mechanics with emphasis on Bernoulli's principle applied to incompressible fluid flow.

In applications with moderately viscous liquids that can be treated as Newtonian fluids, the software performs calculations for correction of viscosity and its effects on pump performance.

Among the various analysis procedures, the software warns the user about the possibility of cavitation occurrence in the pump to be selected.

Calculations and Analysis

Centrifugal Pump CAD

In a highly organized, flexible and friendly environment, the user establishes the design requirements and the software performs all calculations and analysis necessary for sizing of the pump:

  1. The user supplies the design parameters.
    • Liquid Type
    • Liquid Temperature
    • Liquid Specific Gravity (Density)
    • Liquid Viscosity
    • Vapor Pressure
    • Required Flow Rate
    • Required Head
  2. The software adjusts the parameters in accordance with the liquid properties.
  3. The software simulates the use of each type and size of pump.
  4. The software calculates the most appropriate diameter for the impeller of each pump.
  5. The software calculates the best operating speed if required.
  6. The software analyzes the performance and suggests the most suitable pumps.
  7. The software generates a selection list with sorting and filtering capabilities.
  8. The software plots performance curves of the selected pump, such as the following:
    • Flow Rate × Head
    • Flow Rate × Required NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head)
    • Flow Rate × Shaft Power
    • Flow Rate × Efficiency
    • Flow Rate × Noise - Sound Pressure Level

Multiple Variable Graphs

Frequency Inverter and Electric Motor

In pumping systems with variable demand, the use of adjustable speed drives is usually the best way to ensure maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.

Under such circumstances, it is essential that the designer has a broad view of the behavior of the pump to be selected.

Our software has the most advanced engineering charts with high resolution details, which show characteristic curves throughout the operating speed range of the pumps.

Examples of Charts from Ciclo's Software

Linear Scale Graph

Linear Scale

Logarithmic Scale Graph

Logarithmic Scale

Percentage Opening Graph

Percentage Opening

Electric Motor Database

Since centrifugal pumps are often driven by industrial electric motors, the software has an extensive database containing data of electric motors from around the world.


  • 11 Types of Degree of Protection
  • 2880 Electric Motors


  • 11 Types of Enclosure
  • 3240 Electric Motors


Pump Reports

Once the pump has been selected, the software automatically generates all the engineering reports, datasheets, charts and CAD drawings in several standard paper sizes.

The display and printing of reports use a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface:

  • Report of Design Data
  • Assembly Drawing of the Pump
  • Detail Drawing of Shafts and Hubs
  • Charts of Performance Curves
  • Calculation Report of Sound Spectrum

All of these documents can be easily customized, printed, emailed or exported to formats like:

  • PDF - DOC - XLS - JPG - GIF - TIF - PNG - FAX - etc.

Software Settings

Software Settings

As a result of customer demand for more flexible and comprehensive solutions, the software has a host of configuration options that allow the user to customize it to suit his personal wishes and preferences.

Some Configuration Screenshots

1) Hover over thumbnail to view enlarged image. 2) Click on thumbnail to hold enlarged image in place. 3) Click outside thumbnail to hide enlarged image.

GUI - Graphical User Interface

Software Tools

Built with multilingual user interface and an advanced unit converter, our software is fully capable to meet the needs and requirements of any manufacturer in the world, regardless of the volume of its production or the variety of its product range.

Software Tools

  • Multilanguage Support
  • Units of Measurement and Significant Digits
  • History Input Data
  • Custom Reports
  • Print Preview
  • Design Wizard
  • CAD Export

How to Purchase

How to Purchase

This software is intended exclusively for pump manufacturers, so there is not a version available to individual users.

We make a customized version for each client.

The general guidelines for the implementation of this software are described in the purchasing process of our software solutions.

Get Started

How to Purchase

If you wish to start the purchasing process or request more information about our centrifugal pump software, please contact us. We are able to develop a customized and exclusive version for your company.








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