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Ciclo Software Ltd. is a products and services company in the field of Information Technology, which was founded in 1998 with the purpose of developing high-level engineering solutions in the form of user-friendly application software.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Our company was established based on the belief that Information Technology (IT) could be better exploited in engineering design by developing software that quickly performs complex calculation sequences and methodical technical analysis while ensuring greater reliability to the results obtained.

Staffed by a team of experts with extensive industry experience, academic background in engineering combined with solid knowledge in IT, our company has been developing and improving a set of algorithmic tools for calculation, analysis and digital simulation intended for the construction of engineering software: CAE – Computer Aided Engineering.

The modular character of these tools enables us to create unique and value-added applications, which are tailor-made according to the specific needs of each individual client.

The Client

The Customer

We are able to serve companies of any size and activity, especially industries whose products have strong links with principles, methods and practices originating from the various branches of engineering.

When you choose Ciclo as your solutions provider, you are getting a partner committed to add value to your business through scientific knowledge, experience, and creativity of our software developers, who are skilled in using IT to automate and optimize engineering tasks.

Offering excellent value for money, we do all the work so you can focus on your core business.

The return on investment will be reflected in increased competitiveness of your products, enhanced productivity of your technical staff, and improved quality of your customer service with significant cost savings.

The Goal

The Goal

The main goal of our company is to develop customized engineering solutions in the form of intuitive and easy to use CAE software programs that efficiently and accurately fulfill the purpose for which they were designed.

Thus, these programs become important productivity tools for professionals involved in design, manufacture, maintenance, specification and marketing of machinery, equipment and technical components by reducing the time spent performing their tasks, improving the quality of their reports, detecting and eliminating potential errors due to inattention, haste or fatigue.

Through applied research and the knowledge gained from acquired experiences, our constant pursuit of raising the quality standard of our software aims to offer our clients a differentiated product that provides them with competitive advantages over their competitors.

The Form

The Form

The construction of software through customizable modular components provides a better cost-benefit ratio for the client, since the functionality of these elements was previously tested and had its effectiveness proven, only requiring its configuration or adaptation.

The adaptability of the modular components, complemented with the development of tools and resources designed exclusively for each client, results in the creation of fully functional and purpose-driven software, replacing with advantages the off-the-shelf software, which obliges the user to adapt to their methods or conform to their limitations.








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